Feng Shui Art that Defines how you Decorate in this Abstract World


Have you wondered how art can make you feel? Ever enter a room or home and suddenly have a sense of peacefulness, calm or a feeling of more inspiration then when you walked in? How about feeling just the opposite, dread and heaviness? Sometimes you can not put your finger on it, but a space just makes you feel a certain way. Feng Shui is about the energies and harmonies of a space. Good Feng Shui is said to create a feeling of good juju, everything in the world seems right. The Chinese call it “auspiciousness”. Are you using your art to maximize the Feng Shui benefits? Are you looking at art as an accent piece to enhance not only the the decor of a space, but it’s energies? Now art can do both! I created Feng Shui Painter as a way for art to harmonize your living space or office and for you to enjoy as beautiful accent pieces.

Whether you are looking for harmonizing art to uplift your spirits or just want particular colors and designs to enhance your mood or decor, my Feng Shui Painting is a solution to meet both needs. In essence, art that makes you feel good about your environment. My approach is to enhance color with visual texture to make a mix media of creation. I strive to transform a living space by color that can enliven or relax depending on the area or intent of the room. Ultimately, feng shui art is enjoyment of the senses, an experience of good chi every time you enter the room.