Greetings About Me,

Jennifer Javora Lewis

To paint is to play!  I investigate color, texture and design. I like to see how colors can convey mood, from excitement to relaxation. Color can be cathartic and spring forth emotions. Along with crazy hues and tones, I love texture. I use everything from bubble wrap to everyday utensils to special paint grounds to make different textures. It’s all about experimenting and play and seeing what surprises happen. I studied Feng Shui as a decorator, by using colors or elements I’ll incorporate Feng Shui intention into my art and create a piece that is either energizing or calming, depending on where it goes living room or bedroom for instance.

I became intrigued when nearly 10 years ago I took an abstract painting class by Jann Sitts, in Mendocino, CA, abstract artist from Sedona. I was enamored by color, texture and painting big. I began to explore abstract painting and to see the different ways it could make me and other people feel.

Recently, my yoga practice has seeped into my artwork, being present and letting go of attachment are very important in creating art and getting into the flow without feeling restrained. Both yoga and painting are simultaneously grounding and creative practices: yin and yang.

Additionally, last year I did my version of the eclipse with a series that culminated into t-shirt designs. My grape series started with a birthday visit with friends to Willamette wine country. I am now playing with bicycle and Om motifs. And a round canvas, which is unique and fun, fun to explore and fun to play.

From Where I Came

I worked in the home furnishings industry for over ten years, selling furnishings and doing interior decorating for clients. I studied Interior Design at UC Santa Cruz extension, have been an associate member of Interior Design Society, IDS. I became interested in Feng Shui as an aspect of decorating beyond design, I received my certificate at the West Coast Academy of Feng Shui in California. I saw energy changes by implementing Feng Shui into my decor for myself and my clients. I am also a certified stager from Accredited Staging Professionals, ASP.

 I am a real estate broker licensed in Oregon. I am a certified yoga teacher and AiReal yoga instructor, yep doing yoga upside down in a hammock!  I am often found huffing the trails with our 15 year old chocolate lab Espresso, we both have gotten slow, but who cares? Our cat Sherbet, is a dead ringer for Garfield. I have many interests, sometimes life is on steroids, I love it all! In another life I was a competitive age-group triathlete, I love to workout, sweating is boss! I also enjoy photography, theatre, both going and doing,  shopping for anything, reading, watching movies, and I am always decorating something. I love traveling with my engineering husband of 25 years and 2 college sons, when they can go. I am more than fond of a good IPA, mention Italian food and I will start salivating! I am a latte junkie and love it when it snows, did I mention I love it when it snows?

make it a  Feng Shui day and Live Well,