Thank you for taking the time to browse my site. I am not a website designer by any means, I’m a poet. I like to frolic with words, I am forever tweaking, learning about and making myself branch out!

I like to do the same with my art, grow! Paint is my playmate. I investigate color, texture and design. I like to see how colors can convey mood, from relaxation to excitement. Color is a fun therapist. Along with crazy hues and tones, I love to sprout Feng Shui intention, to create an atmosphere that is inviting and stimulating. I bloom by taking classes and experimenting, truth or dare. 

When I am decorating with color or elements of Feng Shui, I like the decor to express the needs of the space and its people. When I paint, I discover and see what feast I can create on canvas. The composition transpires on its own, I let it become what it wants to be. Art emerges as I play. 

From Where I Came

I worked in the home furnishings industry for over ten years, selling furnishings and doing interior decorating for clients. I studied Interior Design at UC Santa Cruz extension, have been an associate member of Interior Design Society, IDS. I became interested in Feng Shui as an aspect of decorating beyond mere design. I set out to learn about this fascinating philosophy and way of decorating and received my certificate at the West Coast Academy of Feng Shui in California. I saw some amazing energy changes by implementing Feng Shui into my decor for myself and my clients. I also have a certificate from Accredited Staging Professionals, ASP.

I studied acrylic painting with Jann Sitts, renowned artist from Sedona and fell in love with the medium and painting. I take workshops whenever I can in Sedona, Mendocino and art classes at Central Oregon Community College and from local artists in Bend. I continue to play with mixed media, learn and explore on my own. I use to be a “making paper” addict, and still have tons of homemade paper art in boxes.

I have a BA in English Literature, but I just did it because I love poetry. I am a real estate broker licensed in Oregon and love what I do, I love what I do! Yes said it purposely twice. I can be found huffing the Deschutes trails with our 14 year old chocolate lab Espresso, we both have gotten slow, but who cares?  I love animals, our cat Sherbet, is a dead ringer for Garfield. I consider myself a “multipotentialite” see Emily Wapnick’s, “Puttylike”. I have many hobbies and interests, sometimes life is on steroids, but who cares, it’s never boring, I love what I do, I love it all! In another life I was a competitive age-group triathlete, 1/2 Ironman my thing. I am a certified water-aerobics instructor, I love to workout, sweating is boss! I also enjoy yoga, recently got into Areial Yoga(not a misspelling) yes doing yoga upside down, photography, theatre both going to and acting, doing improv, though not very good at it yet, shopping for anything, reading, watching movies, cycling, and surveying art fairs with my engineering husband of 24 years. My mixed drink of choice is a margarita, but I love a good IPA, mention Italian food, I’m there! I also love it when it snows, did I mention I love it when it snow?!

Live Well Live Feng Shui

Jennifer J Lewis 541 610 783