Feng Shui


Mother’s Day in Bloom

Feng Shui, “the way of wind and water” is the ancient Chinese practice of creating harmony and balance in furniture placement and decoration. Feng Shui is used to create chi or energy flow which feels pleasant when entering a home. Imagine a home that has a natural path of placement and flow opposed to one that is cluttered or awkward or does not make sense. Feng Shui dates back to thousands of years of ancient Chinese history when land and property placement were studied to achieve wealth and protection.

Today Western Society has embraced Feng Shui philosophy/decoration and benefits from implementing this wisdom in its design. FS is used to place furniture and accessories so that the space flows naturally and feels comfortable to its occupants. FS makes sense and feels good too. There are several types(forms) of Feng Shui. One that is commonly used in modern society is Western Feng Shui or Black Hat Sect, where judicious placement of furniture and accessories create auspicious intention and harmony. It is best to use one form and stick to it for the entire house or space.  Feng Shui is a varied subject, the traditional forms from China sometimes do not adapt well to Western Society.  Black Hat Sect, takes into account the modern household and makes Feng Shui applicable and easy for everyone to utilize.   

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